PNC Park

PNC Park Stadium is a Major League Baseball stadium located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was the fifth home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. It is located at 115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212. The stadium opened during the 2001 MLB season and replaced Three Rivers Stadium, the Pirates’ previous home. The newer, modernized version is now a World Series venue and hosts many high-profile baseball games. To get a better idea of what to expect from PNC Park, read this guide.

When visiting PNC Park, it’s a must to bring a baseball mitt to the game. The park’s upper deck offers the best views of the Pittsburgh skyline. Although PNC Park is small, the stadium’s design is impressive. The right field bleachers are located near the kids’ zone. The food served here is typical Pittsburgh fare, which is often not very healthy. You can find a great Primanti Bros sandwich at the concession stand for 80 cents, which is slightly more than you’ll pay at the restaurant.

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Another option is to use public transportation. The “T” is Pittsburgh’s subway/light rail. From the Northside Station, which is located just outside the stadium’s main entrance, you can take the light rail to various T stops in the “Golden Triangle.” The train runs frequently and is free. The stadium’s parking is determined by the price, but you can expect to spend a minimum of $30 if you plan to drive.

As an added bonus, PNC Park Stadium is an amazing baseball park. The Allegheny River offers breathtaking views of the city. The smallest baseball stadium in the United States, PNC Park is the ideal place for fans to cheer on their team. The best seats in the stadium are not bad seats. Unlike the former Pirates home, Three Rivers Stadium had plenty of bad seats and an Astro Turf playing field.

PNC Park was built in the 1990s with the help of Heinz Field. It stands near the Allegheny River with a view of Downtown Pittsburgh. Designed in a classic stadium style, the stadium features steel truss work, a riverside concourse, and plenty of local eateries. Construction was completed in just 24 months, and it was officially named PNC Park in August 1998. Its popularity made it a favorite of sports fans and has led some citizens to call for the mayor to be removed.

For those who aren’t fans of baseball, there’s plenty of history to learn about the stadium. The Pirates played in PNC Park until 2003. The stadium is located near the North Shore neighborhood, which is a great place to stroll along the Allegheny River. Besides the Pittsburgh Pirates, it also features Heinz Field, the Andy Warhol Museum, the Byham Theater, and the Roberto Clemente Bridge, all within walking distance of the park.

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The stadium is a cashless venue, meaning you can use credit cards, cash, apple pay, and Google pay to pay for food and drinks. However, you cannot bring any big bags or coolers inside the stadium, unless they are for medical or diaper bags. You can also purchase a combo pack that includes tickets, food, and drink vouchers. The combo packs are an affordable way to enjoy a game while saving money.

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