Contemporary Craft

The Society for Contemporary Craft is a non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that showcases contemporary art created by regional, national, and international artists. It is located at 5645 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201.  Recently, the organization relocated from the Strip District to a permanent location on Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood. The museum presents cutting-edge exhibitions and artist-led workshops featuring art objects created by artists from across the United States. Admission to this exhibition is free. For more information, visit

The Society for Contemporary Craft Pittsburgh PA has a diverse and innovative collection of contemporary art. Their mission is to promote diversity and non-mainstream art while providing vital support for artists. The Society for Contemporary Craft Pittsburgh PA strives to inspire and educate its visitors through contemporary craft. Guests are encouraged to engage in the artistic process by creating handmade objects. They can take part in weekend activities, such as hands-on art-making workshops and community outreach programs that benefit local artists.

Fox’s work explores the parallel traditions of houseware and labor in the area, using materials from both fields. Through her work, she questions the underlying hierarchies of craft and fine art. She also plays with ambiguous concepts like work/hobby, public/private, and hobby/work. By unraveling these dichotomies, the artist creates a multi-layered meditation on labor, place, and the intersection of the past and present.

Artists and curators in Contemporary Craft Pittsburgh PA are consistently exhibiting in the city. A number of events are held regularly, including Pioneers of American Craft, which was juried and opened in the Royal Museum of Japan. Other events include the Allegheny Metals Club, Society for Contemporary Craft Pittsburgh PA, and The Society for Contemporary Craft. The latter also holds an annual small work invitational exhibition, and the latter two are juried by Mark Richard Leach and Andy Cooperman.


The main purpose of the Contemporary Craft Center is to engage the public in the creative process through contemporary craft. The Center helps visitors make connections between creativity and their everyday lives. As an organization committed to innovation, the Center showcases the most important works of national and international contemporary art. Visitors can observe new techniques, concepts, and artists who have pushed the boundaries of traditional craft media. This exhibits an important body of work, and is an essential component of a visit to the Contemporary Craft Center.

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